Start with $72 and get up to 4% monthly bonus

Thanks to our tech and mining knowledges we are able to offer a new reliable way of mining not just based on the simple concept of standard mining but a mix of buy and sell of mining machine and mined asset management in order to know when to sell the mined cryptocurrencies. 

Pay your bonus through our Debit Card

Once joined our mining packages you will receive access to a e-wallet virtual account and you will also receive our debit card. You will be able to spend your bonus every month starting from month 3 without paying any card fees and having a free account that will grant you access to many more MyCOM earning programs. 

We know when to convert

Thanks to our team of experts which drives constant market analysis we know when it’s the time to change the generated cryptocurrencies into fiat in order to maximise the bonuses. This is what we call mine asset management.

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